Heart Strong Beaded Bracelets

Heart Strong Beaded Bracelets

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Our first ever beaded bracelets are here! A generous designer donated these to us for the shop so 100% of every penny goes directly to supporting families most affected by congenital heart disease. These are limited edition so when they are gone, they are gone!

Here are the colors in order as they appear in the photos:

  • Multicolor beads HEART STRONG
  • Multicolor beads w/ red heart
  • Turquoise w/multicolor heart. These come in both adult and kids sizing (smaller wrist)
  • Red beads w/red heart
  • Navy blue + orange HEART STRONG
  • Blue + white w/red heart 

These are not "sized". They are made for the average adult woman's wrist and have a good stretch to them. The turquoise w/multicolor heart bracelet also comes in "kids sizes" and is made for a child's wrist.